Ideas to Organize Your Home


Happy New Year, Friends!

Today i’m sharing a few ways we keep our home organized and clutter free. I notice a significant difference in my mental health and energy when our home is organized and clear of clutter. Here are a few ways I’m keeping things organized.

I love opening a cupboard or cabinet and being able to find exactly what I'm looking for without moving things around or getting a stool to see behind the 7 boxes on the top shelf. Not only does it save us time but it saves us money. When I first cleaned out the food cupboard, I found 8 packages of pasta. I purchased these containers off amazon because they are stackable and have a tight seal.


Kid clutter is the worst! My kids take out everything they own and leave it everywhere. Most of their toys are small and have small pieces. Naturally, they get frustrated when they can’t find the missing lego piece or LOL doll shoe. I've had storage bins before, but everything just gets thrown together in one big mess. I naturally gravitate to things that are symmetrical or the same, so it was hard for me to buy odd-shaped containers that are different brands, don't stack perfectly, and don't match but they work the best and keep things organized.


The living room is where we spend more of our time, and where everyone leaves the most junk. My go-to are baskets because I can throw the cords and laptops in the bottom and cover with a blanket or extra pillows. I also use them to house magazines, random toys that need to go back upstairs, remotes, etc. I love these baskets from Amazon because they add a nice texture to my otherwise neutral decor.


Containers for specific storage like "Christmas Storage" can be expensive because of their dividers. Adding some simple cardboard dividers can save you money and make it easier to store everything together. 1 bin holds 6 boxes of ornaments.


I hope I shared a few tips you find helpful. How do things work in your home? Do you try to keep things organized or do you embrace the chaos?

Megan, Xo

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