Megan's Favourite Things 2018


I had every good intention in the world for completing this guide weeks ago giving you all enough time to place orders with some of my favourite local shops. Unfortunately, I was so busy with the handmade side of Tesser Traditions that I didn't get the chance. I'm going to share all the shops and ideas anyway, just in case you want to check them out for future gift ideas for yourself or a friend. A few shops haven't reached their cutoffs yet, so you may get lucky.

Hand To Heart

Carrie From Hand To Heart was one of my first maker friends, one of our first clients, and the one who helped name us Tesser Traditions but I’ve told you all that before. I've been buying Jewelry from Carrie for the past 4 years, and I treasure every piece. I feel special buying and gifting pieces from her collection because I know it's one of a kind made just for me, or someone I love. She's as creative as she is sweet! We all (maker friends) talk about how supportive and motivating she is. I've personalized pieces with important dates; wedding, birthday, etc. Scripture, motivating quotes, and words I hold close to my heart.

The Hawthorne Cafe should have some of these treasures in stock!


Hoot & Holly

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love Hoot & Holly! I've been buying bows from Kendall off Heidi for years and was over the moon when she launched her new scrunchie collection. They are magic! I put my wet hair up in a scrunchie almost every night, and they never have that musty wet clothes smell, they've kept their shape ( my hair is very thick), and they don't leave harsh ponytail lines in my hair so I can wear it down the next day.


The Kind Matter Company

I've been on a quest for cost-effective, waste reducing products for the past 18 months. It all started last September (2017) when I decided I was going to make the kids litterfree lunches every day. I'm proud to say, I stuck to that goal, and it inspired me to make more changes. The Kind Matter Company launched a few months ago with a subscription box. I was curious about a few of the products and was very happy to learn I could purchase them separately. My first order was the produce & cloth bags. I loved them so much it led me to more purchases, the straws, the sponges, the shampoo bar... you see where this is going. Lol!

My two favourites from this line up are the sponges and the shampoo & Conditioner bars. I was skeptical about the bars. My hair is long and thick, and I didn't think they were going to deliver what they promised. The whole family has been using them for the past 3 weeks and they’ve surpassed my expectations. I've been saying to Anthony that his hair has changed entirely, it looks thicker, softer, even his Dad made a comment. If you know Nono, you'll know that's a big deal. I recommend them and am so happy my shower is almost clutter free.

The sponges are AMAZING! They clean my stainless steel appliances, wash my dishes , clean the counters, and come out of the wash ready to use again and again.


To be continued… Check back tomorrow!