Distressed White Jeans - Styled 3 Ways


A Sure sign of summer is white Jeans. When my kids were younger owning white jeans was scary but as they've gotten older and I've mastered removing stains from our white furniture, I confidently own two pairs; Skinny distressed and skinny (crop on most people but ankle jeans on me) 

I did a poll on Instagram last week; most people requested I style the distressed pair 3 ways. The only look I'm not 100% confident with is the date night, to be honest, I probably wouldn't wear distressed jeans on date night but if I went to clubs or had drinks with girl friends, I would. 

Look one, is casual and "easy like Sunday Morning" I spared you all my dirty and overworn Birkenstocks in this photo. Those are what I would typically wear, I've had my eye on a few pairs of casual style sandals, If I purchase any, I'll update the photo. The gap has 40% off at least once or twice a month, I make a wishlist and purchase a few staples. I LOVE the new Gap For Good T's; I bought both of the striped ones for under $20 each. I usually wear an xs, but I sized up to a small for a less fitted look. The sweatshirt is slightly tapered at the wrist, so it gives this fancy balloon-ish style to the sleeves. I love the updated less frumpy look. The Jeans are levis from the outlet in Vaughn

T-shirt *currently ON SALE*

Sweatshirt *currently ON SALE*

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Look 2, is perfect for a function or day trip to Niagara on the lake. The tensile blouse is loose and flowy, I don't like the front tuck, I prefer a side tuck to take away some of the bulk. My shoes are from Toms; I grabbed them on sale at Marshalls. I love the look of an open-toe heel with white jeans. 

Blouse  *currently ON SALE*

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Toms Booties


Look 3, Date night or Drinks with your friends. A structured blouse, some fancy heals, and a statement necklace with white jeans create the perfect outfit for a night on the town. Make sure your blouse is below the waistline or tucked in. Aritzia has a huge selection of blouses in every style/colour. 


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 I'm having so much fun with styling 1 Item 3 ways, I think this is going to be a weekly feature. What does everyone want to see next week?

- Megan xo 

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