Book Ideas For Mother's Day


If your Mum or wife is anything like me, then she loves pretty coffee table books filled with pages of inspiration. On sunny days out on the patio or snowy days on the sofa. Curling up with a beautiful book is one of the things I love best. 

Mothers day book ideas .jpg

Book # 1 Modern Farmhouse Style

Not only is this book filled with gorgeous photos, it includes tutorials, like how to design a Wall Display. The book is categorized into Chapters. Entry Ways is my favourite Chapter. 

Book #2 The DIY Home Planner 

This book helps you plan each room of your house, it suggests furniture layouts, paint colours and more.

Book # 3 Salvage Style 

Helps you mix old with new, showing you new ways to repurpose old antiques and salvaged materials. I love this book because it gives me something to hunt for when I'm at antique markets. sometimes all the choices can be overwhelming so I like to go with inspiration in mind.  

Book #4 A Touch Of Farmhouse Charm 

I've been folllowing Liz's Blog and social media channels for years. I couldn't wait for her book release and it didn't dissapoint. THe book is filled with DIY projest, small enough for you to tackle on your own with minamial tools. 

Book #5 Country Living's Mini Makeovers

This beautiful book was released in March. It styles painted furniture and mixes modern with rustic, farmhouse style and country chic. The pages are filled with loads of ironstone and even features a few pictures of Miss Mustard Seeds old home. 

Book #6 Magnolia Story

Like so many of you I fell in love with Chip and Joanna, Fixer Upper became a quick favourite of mine. Sometimes when I feel like my dreams aren't coming to pass it's uplifting for me to read about those who have. 

Book #7 The Farmhouse

I love old barns and green fields. When I'm daydreaming I picture myself outside a barn eating an apple, and petting horses. I don't own this book yet, but I have it on order. It includes floor plans and restorations. I can't wait for it to come in the mail. 

Book #8 Magnolia Table

In all honesty, I didn't buy this book. I wanted too, I waited months for it to come out and was so excited when it did. Unfortunately, when I looked through the recipes I realized this wouldn't work for our family. We don't eat meat and Anthony doesn't eat gluten. I thought about buying the book for the photos alone but decided to wait until Joanna's new design book comes out. 

Book #9 City Farmhouse

I adore this book, the old furniture, the old floors. This book seamlessly mixes old with new. The images are fresh and bright the book layout is easy to navigate. It will be a coffee table favourite for years to come. 

Let me know if I've missed any books that you love.

- Megan xo