Just another snowy spring day here in Ontario. This time last year I was wearing shorts and putting together my kid's trampoline. 
Despite whats happening outside, stores are filling their shelves with spring and summer clothing. Thank goodness, it makes this weather feel less depressing. I had to return a pair of jeans to Aritiza, while I was in there I spotted the return of my favourite Rive Romper. I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing about this romper, but it's honestly the best and my most worn style ever! This year's version is the same as last years. I'm so pleased they kept it the same, I hate when designers re-release and the newer version isn't as great as, the older one. I have the back and the pink from 2017, so I bought the new green colour "Sagesse." I might order the white one in a few weeks too. I can honestly say this is the most versatile piece I own. I wear it everywhere, from taking the kids to the park to a date night with Anthony. I've styled it three ways; I bet you already have most of these pieces in your closest. The romper is $135.00 but it's a complete outfit, it washes well and doesn't wrinkle or show sweat. The fabric is light and comfortable to wear, very flattering. 

Outfit number 1 is very simple,  I added one of my everyday necklaces and a pair of low heal open-toe booties. 

Romper: From Aritzia

Necklace: From Hand To Heart

Shoes: From Geox ....but I don't recommend them, they are very uncomfortable. 


Outfit number two is casual and perfect for taking your kiddos to the market or having lunch out with your girlfriends. 

Romper: From Aritzia

Jacket: From The Gap 

Necklace: From Stella & Dot

Shoes: From Converse


The third outfit is my favourite; I love dressing up especially when I'm comfortable, Oh did I mention that the romper has POCKETS! The shoes and the purse are a few years old, I'll try my best to link similar styles. Both are from Aldo.

Romper: From Aritzia

Clutch: From Aldo  I like the one I linked WAY better and it's only $30!

Shoes: From Aldo  These shoes are the updated version of mine, they are a "low-mid" heal, I can't do those 4" heals. lol

Necklaces: From Stella & Dot


What style do you like best? Let me know if you order this Romper, I promise you'll be impressed. The sizing is standard I wear xs. 

- Megan xo 

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