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Happy Friday, Friends! Morgan needed a suit for his first communion next week, so we took the day off and popped over to The Bay. When we walked in, I realized BAY DAYS is on! Since we've lost Sears and Target, I've made a point to purchase from The Bay whenever I can. Sometimes they are pricier than competitors so If it's something I can wait for I'll wait until it's on sale. They've had some fantastic online sales happening since the start of 2018. The bay is a Canadian icon I couldn't imagine not having them around. So PLEASE when you are shopping consider popping in or checking them out online. I'll do the sale in a few parts, starting with Home. Now's your chance to get the perfect table decor for summer! Here are a few of my favourites. 

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I'll try to get more up tomorrow :) Fashion or kids first? 

- Megan xo