Ektorp Sofa by Ikea 1 year review


Happy Family Day Friends!
We went for a walk at Kelso yesterday; it was such a beautiful day. I love feeling the warm sun on my face. Today we are catching up on a few things at home, and then we are going to take the kids out for a little treat. It's not as warm as it was yesterday but the sun is shining bright. 

Last February I posted a review of our new sofa from Ikea. The Ektrop. Today I'm going to give my personal reviews of the sofa and the chairs one year later. I think the title speaks volumes, those of you who know me know that I like to change things around a lot and that I've had more than my fair share of couches. This one made it to the one year mark, and in this house, that's a grand achievement. 

Overall I'm impressed with the sofa itself and the construction. It has held up well considering my kids jump on it every day and take the pillows off to make forts. The cushions are still full and comfortable. They sit as snugly on the frame as they did one year ago when we bought it. I rotate them every week as we tend to sit on one side more than the other. 

The Stenasa White covers are no longer available at Ikea, but I've found a few on Ebay. At first, I loved them, the colour, the fabric, the way they went on the sofa....everything. After a few months of wear and washing, they started to shrink up, and a few seams became loose. I was disappointed, but I didn't want to spend over $300 to replace them when it was evident they weren't going to hold up. Around that time Ikea came out with the Lofallet Beige. I liked the structure of them, and the price was really reasonable, almost half of the other colours available.  I'm glad I gave them a chance because they wash beautifully,  and most important they go on easily. They give the sofa more of a higher end look than the previous covers. A lot of people are surprised it's the Ikea Ektrop. I wash the covers every three weeks to keep them clean and smelling fresh. I hope Ikea comes out with a white version in this material and price. 


In conclusion, I'm still very happy with my Ektorp set, and I would buy them again. If you're on the fence, take the plunge! The prices and functionality for family can't be beaten! 


Thank you for reading, I hope you all have a fantastic day

-Megan xoxo 

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