Easy DIY Rustic Curtain Rod

Hello, everyone. A few weeks ago I made some small decor changes to our living room. You all know how that goes, one thing led to another change, and then another, and another. After all the changes had been said and done, the window treatments didn't match anymore. I had faux wood blinds with white flower printed sheers above. Holding the sheers was an antique bronze curtain rod. I never really liked it, maybe because it was broken and held together with scotch tape? I decided I wanted a wood rod, but when I went to find one online, I quickly realized it wouldn't be happening. They are very expensive. I was hesitant to ask Anthony to help me with another project, so I baked him some cookies and asked in my sweetest voice. To my delight, he agreed. I "googled" wooden curtain rods and a blog post by Maison De Pax came up. I saw the image but not the actual how to. Anthony looked at the image on Pinterest and went to work. 

He drew the pattern free hand on a piece of 12' knotty pine and then cut them out using a jig saw. The diameter of the dowel is 1 inch so he used a spade bit the same size. 

I used "Special Walnut" oil based stain from Minnwax. 

I used "Special Walnut" oil based stain from Minnwax. 

Adding the hardware was a bit messy because we didn't have a keyhole router bit... if you take on this DIY I suggest having one. We used keyhole hangers. 

Make sure you let the stain dry for at least 48 hours, don't be impatient like me. 

To attach the rod holders to the wall we used drywall fasteners and screws. 

The whole project was under $25.00 and makes a huge difference. Wish me luck; I have three more windows I want him to transform. 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend.

- Megan xoxo