A Little Refresh

Good Morning Friends,

It's has been a few weeks since my last entry. Things got a little hectic over here. Anthony was away in Alberta for 2 weeks so I was solo with the kids. I'm always a little down when Anthony is away so it took me a little bit to get myself motivated. Lucky for me he transferred to Bradford so he is home now and i'm so thankful. If any of my lovely readers have traveling spouses my heart really goes out to you, I don't know how you do it. This is summer #4 with the traveling nonsense and I still act like a hysterical child when he tells me he has to leave. lol. 

Summer is flying by, I can't believe it's almost August. How are you all enjoying it? Aside from the complaining and the bickering we are having a really nice time. The weather has been crazy! I love being outside everyday but I would also love a few chilly, rainy days too. 

Amazingly i've been able to get a few small projects done around the house. In the living room I added a curtain rod and some pretty floral sheers from Ikea. I even hung the rod all by myself, i'm starting to get pretty good with these power tools. I took out the beige rug because I thought I needed to add some colour. Lucky for me this one was hanging out in the basemsent. I took out the sofa table and replaced it with a floor lamp I scored from Walmart for $70. I was pleasently suprised with Walmart's lamp selection. 

july blog 1 .jpg

In the dining room I added a rug, and repainted the inside of the hutch. I'm planning to add a light fixure or DIY this old wheel into a candle chandlier, I haven't decided yet. The table was looking empy and sad so I dressed it up for photos. Morgan was excited because he thought we were going to have a big family dinner. lol sorry buddy. 

It is really difficult to take proper pictures of the dining room so I took a few from different angles. 

What projects are you all working on this summer?

Thank you for reading ! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

- Megan xoxo 

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