Bemz Sofa Cover Review - FÄRLÖV


The products in this blog post were discounted or gifted to me by Bemz, as always opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support my blogging dreams.

    First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bemz for their outstanding customer service! When I purchased my FÄRLÖV Sofa from Ikea, I knew I would be repurchasing covers from Bemz. They generously offered me a discount on my order. When I received my order I realized I made an error, they were very quick to remedy the situation, and I was thrilled with the outcome. 

For those of you who are not familiar with Bemz, they are a company who make slipcovers for Ikea furniture. You can instantly change the look and style of your inexpensive furniture in seconds. The best part is everything is washable!  You can find my original review here including before and after photos of their stain protected fabric. 

When I first purchased my Farlov sofa, I was willing to settle for the covers it came with until I could figure out which ones I wanted from Bemz. They were fine for a few weeks, but they don't wash very well, and they are extremely heavy. My line was almost hitting the ground with just the cushion covers. They look almost like fish netting up close, or that non-slip pad you put under rugs. The worst part was after they were washed each piece looked different, even though they advertise as white they are light blue/grayish. Some covers look dingy while the main cover had what looked like bleach spots, impossible considering I don't use bleaching agents, my guess is the dye ran out? Not sure! 

The first step in the ordering process is selecting 5 free samples. It's hard to get a clear picture of the texture and colours on the website, so I highly recommend ordering the samples.  If you are planning on choosing a light coloured cover, I insist that you look at the stain protected options, they do cost a bit more, but they are well worth it! 


My first choice was their new Simply Cotton in absolute white; I choose this option because it was the cheapest and I thought my readers would love the price point. As soon as I received the covers, I knew they would not work for our family, as advertised the cotton is thinner and not stain protected. It's brushed, so that makes it incredibly soft but also a dust magnet.

Simply Cotton - Absolute White

A basic, affordable 100% cotton fabric. This is a soft, slightly brushed cotton that’s lighter in weight than our Panama Cotton and not stain protected. This woven fabric is pre-shrunk and made in Europe.



Fabric Characteristics

100% Cotton

  • Pre-shrunk

  • Martindale result: 20,000

  • Fabric width: 150 cm

Care instructions

Machine wash 40℃, do not tumble dry, line dry, dry in the shade, ironing temp high, no bleach

Don't get me wrong; they are a great option and well made. I would suggest them on a sofa or chair in a low volume room or for an older family. I emailed Bemz and explained my situation to them, they were very gracious and offered me replacements. I chose a linen blend "Belgian Linen Blend " In Absolute White, I could have cried when I opened the box, honestly the most gorgeous fabric I've ever seen. 

Belgian Linen Blend - Absolute White

An exclusive 100% natural fabric in a linen and cotton blend. This textured basketweave fuses cotton’s durability with linen’s slight sheen. A stylish yet family-friendly fabric that becomes more supple and comfortable with every wash. Designed by Bemz. Woven in Belgium. 



Fabric Characteristics

51% Linen/49% Cotton Linen blend weave, dyed

  • Stain-protected

  • Pre-shrunk

  • Martindale result: 25,000

  • Fabric width: 155 cm

Care instructions

Machine wash 40℃, do not tumble dry, line dry, dry in the shade, ironing temp high, no bleach

They took my sofas from Ikea to Restoration Hardware in seconds and for a fraction of the cost. They went on the frame and the cushions effortlessly. I have a hard time with covers and zippers; I'm afraid I'm inheriting my Mom's arthritis. I got all the covers on by myself, not an easy task with the base of the 3 seater. It's the size of a twin mattress. 


In traditional Kendall style, she got chocolate on the cover the second I put it on but because they are stain treated it wiped right off! Thank goodness!! To keep the covers looking great in between washe I wipe as needed and use a lint roller to take off hair or dust. 


I love how beautiful the seams are, aren't I silly? Those crisp lines and even stitches make me so happy. 


They are pre-shrunk, so I can rest assured the skirt will always be long enough, I HATE when you can see the legs. 


In addition to covers for Ikea furniture, they offer affordable drapes, pillow covers, yardage and more. I ordered pillow covers in Belgian Linen Blend Soft White, and they are stunning. 


I purchased synthetic down inserts from, I love the look of feather pillows but our allergies don't and I didn't want to risk Kendall pulling feathers through the fabric. These pillows are a great alternitive, they are affordable, comfortable, and look fantastic. 

I think it's pretty clear that I am in love with my covers and highly recommend this brand! Let me know if you have any questions! 

Megan, xo