3 Summer Dresses that are under $50.00


Good Morning, Friends! 
Kendall and I enjoyed our time together on Friday, she thanks you all for your Birthday Wishes. Call me "old," but I have a hard time focusing on shopping in stores that are very bright, have too many options, and really loud music, so I usually prefer to buy online. On Friday Kendall saw this unicorn thing in Forever21 and dragged me in. I was pretty surprised to see a button up linen style dress as soon as I walked in. I've been admiring the style on Instagram for the past two years but my size is either sold out, it's too long, or it's too expensive. I've looked at those cheap spammy facebook pages and thought about ordering, but a few reviews said those buttons didn't even open, and it takes weeks for your order to arrive. The ones in Forever21 looked nice on the hanger and were UNDER $40!! I looked through every rack and found two size smalls, one in black and one in a navy stripe. At first, I wasn't even going to bother trying them on because I'm usually an XS in dresses but Kendall insisted. I was impressed with the quality and the fit. The buttons functioned, and the pockets were at the perfect height for me. The strap adjusters are a little cheapish but they work, and you can't notice them once they are on anyways.  Kendall was so cute and kept yelling "WOW Mommy that looks great on you. You have to buy it." I could hear chuckles from the other dressing rooms and the ladies working in that department. The small size fits perfectly so if you are in between sizes I suggest sizing up. 


I look very serious in all my pictures, but I was having the best time. I love spending this time Anthony, goofing around and laughing with each other. He always makes me giggle and knows just what to say to make me relax and feel confident. Sometimes our ideas don't work out so well, Like in this next photo where I was being corny and felt like I was going to fall into the water. 

As we were walking out of the store, an adorable white dress caught my eye, and It was on sale for $32.00 from $59.00. Kendall was getting moody, so we went up to get lunch first, when we were finished I went back down and tried it on. It looks lovely on me, wasn't see through, and very soft. I thought maybe I looked too childish in it, but once Anthony saw it on he made it clear that I was keeping it, lol! It looks much better with a nude bra, but I forgot to bring it. 


It's funny, I see these beautiful dresses in stores like Aritzia, and they look and feel great so I buy them, but then I'm always scared to wear them! Who wants to hop in puddles in a $100 dress? Three dress for $100 sounds a lot better to me. If you've been overlooking Forever21 check them out online, I hope you find a keeper or two. 

Megan, xo 

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