Raspberry Oat Bars

A few weeks ago, I shared that since going Gluten-Free, I gained 10lbs.

So I went back to my regular way of eating, and when I did, I ended up having digestion issues and skin ones. Beyond frustrating, since the only reason I excluded it, was to support Anthony. Lesson learned! When you eliminate something from your diet, introduce it back in moderation, So if you've been GF for months, don't go to an Italian restaurant and order bread and homemade pasta. Lol


So I can comfortably button up my pants again, I'm working on some healthy, recipes that taste yummy and contain “whole” better for your ingredients. These raspberry oat bars are seriously delicious and the perfect amount of sweetness. They are so easy to make they could even be a weeknight dessert.

Raspberry Oat Bars-2.png

I would love to hear what you think about my new style for recipe posting. You can save the image to your phone or iPad for easy access or perfect for pinning.

Megan, xo

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