Vin Bon Milton

Some of my favourite memories are made gathered around a beautiful table enjoying a bottle of wine with good company. We live in a world where everything is rushed; we always have something to do or somewhere to go. As I'm getting older, I'm learning to slow down and enjoy what is important in life. Sharing food, wine, and company with friends and family is one of my very favourite things to do.

I'm an avid DIYer, mostly because I love having the ability to add a personal touch to something in our home but also because it's cost-effective, and fun. Entertaining can be costly especially when you're serving wine. Riesling is my favourite and averages about $14.95 per bottle. Bottling riesling at Vin Bon costs $5.92 per bottle (case of 26) for a savings of $243.70.

Vin Bon is Milton's family owned and operated Boutique Micro Winery, the only one in town to offer Vegan Certified wine, and the only one that starts with fresh grape juice. Their wine contains less than 1/10th of the preservatives or additives found in traditional retail wine, and there is no water added, resulting in a more consistent and premium wine.

Starting your batch is easy, it takes just a few moments in the store or can be done online. They have 4 categories to choose from, Signature, Classic, Premium, Speciality, you can see them all here. Once your wine is ready for bottling Vitaly, the owner of the Milton Location will email or call you to set up your appointment. You can bring in bottles or purchase them at the store for $1 each.

Now for the fun part, you get to sample your wine before you bottle it, Vin Bon has a fantastic guarantee, if you're not happy with your wine, no problem, you don't have to bottle it, and Vitaly will get something new started for you right away.

Anthony and I joined his sister Kristina for her bottling a few weeks ago. I was surprised to see how easy and efficient the bottling process was. Vitaly came out from the back with a bucket of wine, sat it on the floor, and put a clear tube into the pail, within seconds the tubes were filled with wine and the bottling began.


Any overflow goes into the clear bucket attached to the hoses. Vitaly adds the last few drops by hands making sure you get every ounce of your wine.


Once all your bottles are filled, you are ready for the corking process. The machine does all the work, place the bottle on the platform, add a cork and close the door.


If you're going to the zero waste approach, your wine is finished and ready for you to enjoy with your friends and family. If you want to add some personalized touches, it's time to pick your shrinks, and your labels. They have so many colours and styles, you’re sure to find exactly what you are looking for.


Pop your shrinks on top and place the neck of the bottle into the heater for just a few seconds.



The labels are my favourite part they can be personalized for any and all occasions. It was funny, a few days ago I shared a picture of a label I asked Vitaly to print off, and I had so many people ask me where they could buy my wine.


Kristina's Dad, my father in Law HATES wine, odd because he's Italian and hates wine, vinegar, garlic...basically all the things "Italians" are known to love.


Cheers! Your wine is ready.


Vin Bon Milton offers tastings a few times a month, check out their Facebook page or Instagram for details. It's the perfect opportunity to samples some of the wines, check out the facility and meet Vitaly. The atmosphere is welcoming, fun, and clean.

Special thank you to Kristina, our beautiful model who let me photograph her bottling session.


This post was sponsored by Vin Bon Milton, Thank you for supporting the local businesses that support this blog!