My favourite laundry products.

Today is laundry day, so you know that means many loads of whites. I always get asked how I wash my whites and how I treat the stains.  I like lightly scented laundry detergent that doesn't contain harmful chemicals but still gets the job done, so I use Mrs. Meyers in the lavender scent, it cleans the whites and doesn't leave them with any leftover detergent residue. For the dryer, I use the same brand in the same scent. I LOVE the way it makes the sheets smell. Like a fresh summer breeze. To keep the whites white I use a scoop of oxi clean and a few good squeezes of lemon, this keeps them bright and prevents them from turning that dingy gray color. Sometimes I skip the oxi clean and use good old baking soda. I always wash my whites in cold water to prevent shrinking.

I purchase all my cleaning supplies (minus the lemon) from @amazon (direct link to my Amazon store) (laundry soap) (dryer sheets) (oxi clean)