Frye Boots under $300

I've been waiting for annual Nordstrom sale for months because I wanted to get myself a pair of Frye riding boots. I've been dreaming about them for years but could never bring myself to spend the money on them. I've seen them on sale a few times for around $400.00, but that was still too pricey for me. I saw a bunch of bloggers giving their top items for the sale and noticed the boots I've been eyeing for $320.. something. I waited 8 days for the sale to go public.  When it finally did, and I went to order it said: "this item could only be shipped to the USA." I was beyond disappointed.  

Just for fun I logged into my Amazon Prime Account and saw the exact boots I wanted, in my size WITH the extended calf for UNDER $200.00 YES! I could hardly believe it myself. I even got free 2-day shipping. I was preparing myself for the worst; maybe they were knock offs? They wouldn't fit, damaged? Something! Something had to be wrong. Well they showed up today, and they are GORGEOUS, and they fit like a glove. The best luck I've had in such a long time. I'm ecstatic. I have such a hard time finding boots that fit me and look nice. I'm "petite" but have unusually large calves. Knee high boots usually hit right in the middle of my knee. Not only do they look silly, but they are also uncomfortable. Fall is my favourite time of year; I always look forward to dressing for the season. Now I'm even more impatient the usual. I've linked my top picks below, in stock, and under $300.  You're welcome! Happy Shopping and have fantastic days friends.

- Megan xoxo 


I use my Amazon Prime account every week for everything you can think of; from fashion to laundry soap. Right now you can experience all the benefits by taking advantage of their FREE 30-day trial. Just make sure you cancel before the 30 days is up or they will charge you the full amount. The free next day shipping has been a life saver for me.