Farmhouse Style Finds

Good Morning,

I'm pretty excited over here on this sunny Thursday. Yesterday my neighbor who happens to be a graphic designer and branding expert came over to help clear some things up for me. Its turns out, I've been making this blogging thing a lot harder than it needed to be. I think a lot of you may have noticed. Ivonne effortlessly showed me how to do things I've been googling for years. Tesser Traditions is expanding to an online market; offering signs, soaps, candles, and linens. All designed by local artisans and myself. I'm super excited to show you all the new line-up, and the new branding Ivonne is designing. You'll be hearing about a lot of new changes over the next few months. 

Now let's talk "farmhouse style decor" finds. As you can tell, I am a huge fan of finding antique treasures for my collections. While I try to tell myself all my purchases are practical and can be used in everyday life, they aren't. I can't chance my $170.00 ironstone pitcher breaking just because I want some fresh flowers on my table. So I keep the good stuff on display and have found some pretty great look-alikes that function well and are equally as beautiful. 


My blue and white dishes are often mistaken for a vintage set of Johnson Brothers ironstone.  The truth is, I got them from Homesense for $7.99 a plate. I bought them two years ago, I do find a piece here and there, but it would be challenging to find a full set. They are available on that pattern is "Devon Cottage."

You'll never believe that the white pitcher I use in almost all my staging is $20 from Target. They've partnered with Boarderfree to offer Canadain shipping. No surprises when they arrive, customs and taxes are taken care of at checkout. I believe they have two or three different styles available. 

My black rustic looking chandelier is from Lowes, it was only $100.00, and I purchased their vintage style bulbs. ** I just noticed BOTH are on sale this week.**

Jute Rugs are my all time favorite! They are easy to keep clean and easy to hide stains. They can be pricey and vary quite a bit in colours. My favourites can be found on Wayfair; they are usually on sale. You can expect to pay $380 + for an 8x10. I did have the one from Ikea, but I wasn't a fan of how it laid, and it had a lot of blues in it, I wanted something plain jane brown. 

Thank you for reading, I've linked everything I have above for easy shopping. All links are in Canadian Dollars and AVAILABLE (don't you just hate when you are reading a Canadian blog and all the links are in USD or unavailable? Yah, me too!)

Let me know what you buy in the comments below. Have fantastic days, friends.

- Megan xox