Christmas Living Room


Good Afternoon,

I hope you are all doing well!
Between Tesser Traditions, and getting ready for the holidays we are as busy as Santa and his elves. Once summer break is over time just seems to fly by. I started to get our home holiday ready on November first as usual. But this year I took my time and enjoyed the process a lot more, once I took the pressure off myself to stick to an unrealistic timeline that is. I usually start with the tree, is that where you all start? I plan my whole theme based on the tree. In the past, I've really decked the tree out with ornaments. This year I decided to take a minimal approach. We made our wood bead garland, used some old white and red bulbs, and added a few wood ornaments from Michaels. 



I had our stockings and accent pillows made locally using some vintage grain sacks I picked up in the summer. I've been dreaming about grain sack stockings for years. They've always been far out of my price range. These turned out better than I could have envisioned, Loranne is a perfectionist and really pays close attention to detail. No scrap went to waste. 


I have a hard time styling our coffee table, it's pretty big and the designated space for our kids to do crafts, homework, and have snacks. Kendall has already taken out 3 of the clementines and left the peels just about everywhere. At least she didn't eat them on the white sofa, these were juicy!! 


Our little prince is a retired show dog. I can't take out my camera without him following me around and posing. I spend most of my time taking him out of the shot. I love the way everything looks in this photo. The sun was bright and beautiful that day. The tree glimmers, the sofa looks clean and crisp, the jute rug looks warm and farm-house-y, and those stockings!! 


What have you guys been working on for the holidays? What is your theme, did you change it up or keep it traditional? I would love to hear what your homes look like.
Thank you for reading!! Wishing you all a wonderful day. 

- Love Megan xox