6 month review of the Ektorp sofa by IKEA

Good Morning :) 

The sofa we purchased from IKEA is now 6 months old so it's time for another review. If you want to read the original here's the link http://www.tessertraditions.com/new-blog/2016/2/15/my-review-of-the-ektrop-sofa-by-ikea 

The sofa is used daily and I wash the covers every 4 weeks . 


I'm still really happy overall . I rotate the cushions when I wash the covers so they all wear evenly . We've had a lot of sofas over the past 8 years . Anthony and I both agree this is the most comfortable . The main thing about them that I love is that I can wash the covers . Especially now that the nice weather is here and the kids are sweaty and dirty 24/7. I could never go back to a sofa that wasn't washable . I know everyone thought I was crazy when they saw the white covers but they really clean well . The covers we chose go back on really easily . They are a few inches shorter than when we bought them because of all the washing.  I find the best solution for removing stains and keeping them white is 

- 1 cup white vinegar 

- 2 tbs oxy clean 

- 1/2 cup borax  

- 2 pumps of laundry soap

I don't have the time to let them soak so I just wash them on cold and add an extra rinse cycle . I dry them for about 20 mins and then put them back on a tad damp . 


If your still conferring the Ektrop collection by IKEA I strongly recommend giving in. 😉 


Thank you for reading ! If you have a piece from the Ektrop series let me know what you think in the comments . 

 - Megan xoxo 

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