A short girls guide to Hunter Boots

The most Instagrammed / pinned boots on the internet and I wanted a pair for years! But, I couldn't find a pair that fit. Yes, I'm short, only 5ft tall but my calves are thick, and finding boots is a real pain in the behind. I tried on the Original Tall Hunter boots every opportunity I had; for some reason, I had it in my head that they would fit better at different stores. After a few years, I had just about given up. The fact is they are too high for my legs! I couldn't even bend my knee without feeling uncomfortable and restricted. I finally gave in and tried on the kid's version. If only they didn't have those reflective strips on the back I would have tried them sooner. I have no problem buying kids shoes, but I did feel a little embarrassed that they were clearly the kid's ones. I just assumed people would think I was cheap ...and for some reason 2 or so years ago that bothered me. The kid's ones version fit like a glove I went down two sizes from my regular women's sz 6 to girls sz 4 US (UK 3) 35/36.


I've had the girls ones for almost 2 years now, and I love them, they've held up well and are comfortable.


Sportchek is having a friends & family sale 25% (FF19SPRING) off your order so I splurged on a new pair I have been admiring for a few months. They are women’s, but short. I love this new style without all the buckles and cowboy style heel. I got short in grey.

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Let me know if you end up buying any new boots for spring.

Megan, xo