Welcome Back!


Welcome back!

I was surprised, so many of you noticed I took a little break from blogging.

For the past year, I have been thinking about renaming my blog. Tesser Traditions is our family business that I run with my husband, Anthony. When I first journeyed into blogging, I felt safe nesting it under the comfort of Tesser Traditions. But, as time went on and my confidence in writing and sharing my stories grew, I started to second guess what I was saying in case it affected the livelihood of our business. I became hesitant to talk about my relationship with God, the way we parent our children, my personal views on things like marriage, and equality. I was worried that folks looking for Tesser Traditions for a custom piece of furniture could stumble across something personal I wrote on the blog and then decide not to do business with us. Silly, right? Unfortunately, nowadays people judge everyone for just about everything. When we decided to take Tesser Traditions online, it made sense to free up tessertraditions.com and change my blog to megantesser.com I started my blog because I love writing and inspiring people, also as a way to fill my heart with new friendships. Being a mom and working from home can be isolating.

I remember when I first joined Instagram and started meeting other Moms just like me who had a twitch to switch, and loved styling Mom outfits, so they didn't feel so Momish. I felt like a small part of my social life was back, and suddenly I wanted to brush my hair and wear something other than yoga pants. I enjoyed being social again, even if it was behind a screen. My first few blog entries were just for me. A place to collect my thoughts and pretty pictures. As the months went on, I started to have a steady increase in site traffic, return readers, a real community. Writing became about being relatable and wanting to inspire people to make changes to their home. I would get excited to share a new recipe or a good sale because I know you guys got excited, too. Fast forward to a few years later and all of a sudden I kept feeling like I wasn't good enough! I had nothing exciting to share, my site was boring, and limiting. It wasn't professional and didn't portray my style, It was feeling unorganized, and I started to dread writing. I decided that I was going to reinvent the blog, add colours, change images, use fancy fonts, All I needed was a few youtube tutorials, and I would be set.

After months of changes and never being happy with what I had done, always second guessing my self and spending way too many unproductive hours on my laptop, I decided to hire a professional. I like to call Ivonne our branding genius; I bounced the name change off her about a 100 times over the past year. When I told her I was set on it because of the store she offered her design expertise to help us get the shop online. Thank goodness we hired her because It would have taken me years to do what she did. While we were discussing the store, I mentioned the disaster I made of my blog, and she came to my rescue once again. Helping me define my vision and created a seamless transition from the blog to the online store. I feel so proud of the way everything flows and such a relief that I can get back to doing what I love.

Take a look around and let me know what you think! Head over to www.tessertraditions.com if you have the time, and let me know your thoughts on that site as well.

Megan, xo