Endy Mattress Review


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Growing up I shared a room, first with my brother and then with my sister. When she moved out, I was 20, Anthony and I had already bought our first home, but it wouldn't be ready for 18 months. Since I knew we were going to need a bedroom set, I decided to splurge on a set from The Brick. The sleigh bed I always dreamed of. I spent almost as much on a new mattress set from Sears. The mattress was huge and had a 4" quilted pillowtop. When Anthony first started having back troubles a few years ago, we started thinking maybe it was the matress. It was very soft, so soft it was almost uncomfortable. When I was pregnant with each of the kids, I needed to kick off the bed frame to get myself comfortable because I sank so quickly.

After doing a lot of research on these out of box mattresses, I decided to give ENDY a try. The sole reason I chose that brand was because they were Canadian. Like all the other brands they offered 100 night risk-free sleep guarantee and six months no interest financing.

The box arrived just two days after we placed our order. As promised It was light and manageable. It took us only a few minutes to unpack and get the mattress on the box spring.


Anthony only got to sleep on the new mattress twice before he was called out to Alberta, but after just a week I was hooked. Kendall likes to sneak into my bed when Anthony's away, and she usually keeps me up all night. I could feel every move she made in our last bed. On our Endy mattress, I barely know she's there. Anthony's been home for the past two months, and we both agree you can't feel any movement. Very impressive considering the overall thinness and weight. We've also discovered that Anthony's back pain is because of a sciatic nerve so unfortunately, we can't say he's noticed improvement from the bed.

Here's what we LOVE

- It's Canadian.

- Comes right to your door for free.

- Easy to unpack and set up.

- I can't feel any movement from the co-sleeper.

- I can change the sheets effortlessly. A fantastic choice for folks with small hands, arthritis, & seniors.

- Light & easy to move.

- Soft enough that it's comfortable but firm enough that our backs aren't stiff in the morning.

- Easy to vacuum.

- 100-night risk-free trial.

Here's what we don't love

- The price $850.00 plus HST for a queen.

- Because it's so light It moves around, not while we are sleeping but when the kids are in our bed wiggling around laughing I always have to put the mattress back in place. Of course, if you had a bed with a head and footboard, this wouldn't be a problem.

- For the price, It should have a washable cover; I highly recommend buying a mattress cover.

- That the kids always want to be in our bed.


We love our Endy Mattress and have recommended it to our family & friends.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help if I can.

Megan, xo