Fall Table Decor 🍁


Good Morning, Friends!

It's the second last Friday of summer holidays for my kiddos and as much as I Love having them home with me (most of the time) I'm looking forward to the fresh start a new school year offers. September also marks the beginning of my favourite season, Fall! I love the cooler temperatures, the changing leaves, and baking with apples and pumpkins. It feels like everywhere in Milton smells like pie during the Fall months. 

Winners and Michaels are my favourite stops for Fall decor! The thing with Winners, though, is you have to get in there early before everything gets picked over. Fine with me because I'm always weeks ahead with every season. Yesterday I picked up some pumpkin mugs and matching soup bowls. 

I love finding pretty table decor that functions. My kiddos love those pumpkin bowls. I'm thinking; oatmeal, soup, mac & cheese. 


After months of searching for the perfect kitchen table with no luck, I convinced Anthony that we should make one. Cheaper and  I will get exactly what I want. We usually make our furniture from pine but the selection at Lowes was sparse and we only had one day to put the whole thing together. We opted for cedar because it was cheap, already planned and had dried 4x4's in stock. The entire table including hardware and stain cost us $190.00 and took us 8 hours to make. Anthony's been training me on the mitre saw, I cut the table top. 


I love the way this table turned out and had the best time making it with Anthony. It's one of the only projects we've ever agreed on right from the start, I always have "my way," and he always forces me to do things his way because he's experienced and knows the right way. Sometimes the right way takes a lot more time and costs a lot more money. I didn't want a table that will last 100 years I just wanted a small rustic table that I could style and take photos of. It looks like old pine to me, and it's the perfect size for this small space. 

We just need to cut off the and sand the edges.

We just need to cut off the and sand the edges.

I've mentioned before that growing up my parents didn't have a lot of money, but my mom always managed to have beautiful tablescapes, I have the fondest memories of her setting the table and adding her handmade paper decor. I often think about her and giggle when I'm puttering around setting things up and moving them around 100 times. I've also inherited this lip thing that she does when she's concentrating, lol. A few months ago I found some pieces at a local auction that match the set of dishes I have that were my Grammas. I searched for years to find these dishes and they are just perfect for fall. I used to think having so many sets of dishes was a pain and such a waste, who needs all these dishes?! Funny how things have changed, I have six sets and counting... but I love them all dearly. 

Don't mind that painters tape ;)

Don't mind that painters tape ;)


When do you start incorporating Fall into your home? I usually start the first weekend after Labour Day. I love enjoying the decorations of the season. Fall Decor is up in September and October, Christmas goes up November and stays until January first. I like to start early so I can enjoy longer! Some people get really upset when I post pictures early, and I don't get it? I don't get upset all winter when all everyone does is complain, I love winter! I love all the seasons and feel so fortunate that we live in Canada, where we get to experience all the beauty Mother nature has to offer. What is your favourite season? 

Megan, xo 

Source Guide

Table: Made by us!

Wood: cedar, Lowes

Stain: Minwax, Golden Oak

Topcoat: Polyurethane, satin, clear

Chairs: https://www.wayfair.ca/furniture/pdp/beachcrest-home-royal-palm-beach-solid-wood-dining-chair-bchh7332.html?piid=2354185

Cutlery: https://www.wayfair.ca/dining/pdp/mint-pantry-agave-20-piece-flatware-set-mntp1131.html?piid=20072247

Mugs: Winners / Homesense

Pumpkin Bowls: Winners / Homesense

Napkins: https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/00258561/

Faux Florals: Michaels

Pitcher: http://shopstyle.it/l/QZzK

Dishes: Johnson Brothers – Stratford stage