Summer Dresses For Petites Part 1


Last week, I posted a photo of Anthony, and I dressed up for a last minute date night and got tons of questions about my dress. I'm short, just around the 5-foot mark. Finding a dress that doesn't need alternations can be tricky, but a few of my favourite brands carry "petite" lines that work perfectly for me. I'm going to share two of them with you today. Ordering online is my best option because most of the stores don't carry the line or have limited sizes and styles. Online shopping has come a long way, if I order Tuesday afternoon I usually have my order by the Friday, or sooner. If something doesn't work out, I pack it back up, use the prepaid return shipping label, send it back and get my refund within a week or two. 

Banana Republic is one of my favourites, Pricy but the quality is amazing and lasts seasons. I wait for online sales like 40% off to make my purchases. 

Nordstrom can be pricey as well but if you only buy a few key pieces you can make more than just 1 outfit. I love their selection of long dresses, with "regular" lines I skip the knee length because they hit right at the biggest part of my shin, so it makes me look even shorter and wider. I've had great success with these longer dresses fitting me properly. 

I *THINK* I've decided on my dress for the Queen's Plate at the end of the month. It's in one of these widgets, can you guess which one? 

Megan, xo


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