10 YEARS! Where should we go, what should we do?


I can hardly believe this summer marks a decade of marriage. We've had our ups and downs and our fair share of heartaches and disappointments, but I would do it all over in a heartbeat. The day we got married I was sick and so overwhelmed with all the people and the preparation, not to mention the hours of posed pictures. Trying to keep a rowdy wedding party in check for that long is too much for anyone. I always said that in our 10th year I wanted to throw a formal party, take natural pictures and have the kids involved, like a mini wedding. I even had plans to transform my wedding dress into a cocktail and have one made for Kendall with the train. I have some venue ideas, but now I'm thinking..why go to all that trouble and spend all that money? Maybe Anthony and I should just get away the two of us? I like the sound of that! The last time we were away was our honeymoon. On our first anniversary we found out we were expecting Morgan and we've been in parent mode ever since. The kids are older, and there are lots of family members who've offered to take them for a few days. 

What do you guys think? Party or second honeymoon? And where do you recommend? Neither of us are very good at relaxing...and bonus points for antique markets within walking distance.