Amazon Prime


When I first decided to add reviews to my blog, my main goal was to support local companies. We have some amazing local talent, and I really want to share that with my readers. That is still my main goal, but today I want to talk you about Amazon. This post contains affiliate links when your purchase from the links I get a small percentage. 

Though this post is centered around affiliate links, the purpose of the article is to share with you some of my favourite, and unexpected finds on Amazon. I love the convenience of online shopping when Anthony is away the thought of dragging my kids out to Walmart is daunting. When you purchase the Amazon Prime membership you receive, free two-day shipping on almost everything. I've seen a few exceptions, but I've always been able to find alternatives that qualify for the free shipping.  The great thing about the program is that they offer a free 30-day trial, after 30 days its $80 for the year. If they miss your guaranteed delivery date and you call customer services they will extend your prime benefits for 1 month, absolutely free. 

The website has everything; you can think of (except for fresh meat, produce etc.) I'm going to show you all 10 things I've purchased over the last few months, to give you an idea of the variety they have. If you click on the image, it will take you directly to the website and exactly what I bought. 

It's no secret that I l love to bake and share pretty photos of the process. My measuring cups were almost 10 years old, and while they still functioned they didn't look that pretty, and a few had some paint stains on them.. don't worry I don't use those. My cutlery is copper, and most of my bakeware is white, so I wanted to have some copper measuring tools. A quick Amazon search and right away these popped up for $20.00 They arrived the next day and I am very pleased with the quality and presentation. 

Naturally, new measuring cups called for matching measuring spoons, and I stuck with the same brand.

I've been struggling with my living room since Christmas We took down our barn shelving because we needed to paint, and I don't plan on putting anything back on the walls. Like most of you, I love Pinterest, and all the black curtain rods appealed to me. I tried Ikea first, but they didn't have any stock of the one I wanted so when I got home I tried Amazon and found the perfect option.

I also purchased the matching rings, I'm not sold on this look just yet...but I do find that the quality of both is excellent for the price.

My parents decided to buy our kids iPads for Christmas, at first Anthony and I told them, No, but after months of persisting we agreed, and while we are still struggling with boundaries and obeying the 1-hour time limit, they do come in handy for long car trips and rainy days. We wanted to make sure Kendall's was well protected because she is rough with everything. Based on reviews and reasonable pricing we purchased these covers and LOVE them! The handle is comfortable for the kids to hold onto and they can push it back into the stand mode on their own. 

Coming up with new ways of vegetarian cooking can be stressful and frustrating! I find it's best if I see my recipes and order what I can from Amazon. The prices are lower, and I hate lugging cans and boxes from the truck to the house. Another great thing is if the price changes on the items I frequently purchase they notify me. I always stock up on the veggie stock. It's $3.00 here but $4.79 across the street at Sobeys. 

Christmas is a hectic time for our business, when the kids are at school we work solid, leaving little time for shopping. I try to get things on sale, so I take note early on of what the kids want, and then I look at online flyers. This year I. found several things for a lot cheaper! If you check off the gift box, they make sure that they use a different box for shipping. I scored almost all of Kendall's Christmas gifts on Amazon. 

A lot of Morgan's gifts too, they have amazing deals on books!

They have great deals on tools as well, The price has gone up a bit but when we bought this sander is was on sale for $60.00 

I left Halloween to the last minute this past year. I couldn't find a costume for Kendall's anywhere. I had no idea that Amazon sold them! This Halloween I am buying both their costumes online. Almost every year Morgan's costume is missing something, I'm not sure if accessories get misplaced when kids are trying things on or what happens, but it drives me crazy. 

I even bought my candy, LOL! 

When I need something for the kitchen my first choice is to check with Amazon, I got my spiralizer attachment for My KitchenAid on sale and delivered the next day. 

Okay, more than 10 things, I could keep going but you guys get the point! There are tons of options from name brands at amazing prices! Check them out and let me know what you think.

ONE MORE! because looking at that Halloween candy made me Hungry! You're welcome, fellow mini egg lover. 

- Megan xoxo