First Days


In the blink of an eye both my kids are in school. I sometimes sit here and think, how did this happen so fast? How could it be that my children  are 7 & 4! 


When Morgan was little, he was always so confident, and self-assured. Never made strange and always acted like such a big boy. He was walking and opening doors at 11 months.  We spent a lot of time preparing him for school. He loved to sit and do "paperwork" with me. He could spell, write, and arrange his name. He was and has always been a pleaser, never wanting to upset or disappoint anyone. He can make friends at the drop of a hat wherever we go. When he started school, I expected him to be a little nervous, maybe even a bit sad. Anthony was away in Alberta, and at the time my parents would stay with me because I was afraid to stay alone. My mom watched Kendall, and I walked him to school. The whole way he was excited and chatty. When we got to the gate, he went in and never looked back. I cried, like a baby that full-on ugly cry. The principal gave me a pat on the back and told me I would be ok.  The whole way home I sobbed. Kendall was still a baby, so it was easy to be distracted during the day, though I did think about him, wondering if he missed me or if his teachers knew how special he was. How much I prayed for him and what a blessing he was to us.  Once 2:30 pm hit I sprinted over to the school and patiently waited by his gate. He came out calm and cool. On our walk home I asked him if he missed me; a little he replied. Then he asked me If  I missed him? I said YES, of course, I did buddy! I even cried a little when I dropped you off. His response, Don't worry mommy, It's ok, I'll always be here when you come to get me.  From then on, he's been an angel at school and about going to school. He excels in all his subjects and is well liked by all his teachers. 


Fast forward 3 years later ( literally that's what it felt like) 
I spent most of the summer trying to get Kendall to sit down to write her name or practice her numbers. She would, for a second or two and then she would be gone...out in back swinging on the swing and singing at the top of her lungs. She'd been demanding to go to school for years. She hated dropping Morgan off and returning home with me.  When we talked about going, she was upbeat and positive, couldn't wait to have friends like Morgan and bring snacks in her new lunchbox.  Lucky for me, Anthony was home for her first morning at school, she was terrific! Just like her big brother, she didn't look back. Anthony left later that day to head back to Saskatoon. The following Friday was her first real day, and as I walked her to her gate, I began to cry. Trying so hard to hold back the tears, so she didn't see. Morgan was with me; after we dropped her off I walked him to his side of the school. He was such a sweet boy reassuring me that it was ok and she would love school. A lot of my friends had littles starting for the first time, and they didn't have the smooth experience I had. Thier kiddos were crying and needing the teacher to come and peel them off their parent's legs. I remember thinking My goodness, I'm a mess, and my kids love going to school, I couldn't imagine what I would do if they protested.  We spent the weekend playing in the little pool, watching movies, and talking about all the new friends they made at school. 
Then came Monday, A different experience. Kendall was distraught, crying, begging, trying to make deals... she did not want to go! I remember taking her home a few times during September. She's gotten better because she has fantastic teachers whom she loves! But she still has a hard time; she'll say things like "this is getting ridiculous, I can't believe I have to go there again." or "you can't leave me at that place" She cracks us up! She's naturally witty and charming. It doesn't help that she has been sick on and off since September missing big chunks of school. A few weeks ago I decided to order her a matching necklace. I have one with both their names.  I tell them that when I miss them during the day, I hold the hearts and think of them. I bought her the same style, but it says, Mommy. I told her that when she misses me all she has to do is hold the heart and I'll be with her. 

I purchased our necklaces from a local gal but she ships all over Hand to Heart Jewelry

Do you have kiddos in school? How did they do on their first day? I want to hear all about it in the comments below. Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful day. 

- Megan xox