Ektorp Sofa Covers by Bemz

Good Morning, 

I know some of you have been waiting all summer for this review. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. When I first got the covers I was so excited I immediately wanted to praise them and share with everyone I know.  Sometimes my excitement gets the better of me, and after a few weeks, my initial thoughts change. The covers are costly, So I decided it would be best to test them out for a few months before reviewing.

The website says they are made to order and the turnaround time is approximately four weeks. I received mine after two so the times may vary. To be safe, plan for the 4-week timeline. EXPECT customs, my order was CAD 747.04, and I paid $150 in customs.  Shipping was free, and I used a 15% off promo code. They usually have promotions running. 

I ordered a cover for my Ektorp 3 seater sofa, two covers for my ektorp armchairs, and one cover for my ektorp stool. In Panama Cotton Absolute White. Regular fit. 

Panama Cotton - Absolute White

A long-lasting, practical, best-seller in 100% canvas-like cotton fabric that becomes more supple and comfortable with every wash. With a matte finish and available in a wide array of colours and patterns. Designed by Bemz. Made in Europe.

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Fabric Characteristics

100% Panama Cotton, weave, dyed

  • Stain-protected

  • Pre-shrunk

  • Martindale result: 30,000

  • Fabric width: 155 cm

Care instructions

Machine wash 60℃, do not tumble dry, line dry, dry in the shade, ironing temp high, no bleach

Washing temperature 60 No tumble Line dry Dray In Shade Ironing temp high No bleach.


They had a ton of different choices I liked, and I took advantage of the five free samples. Ultimately I ended up choosing the Panama Cottom because I liked the canvas like properties and the fact that it softens with each wash. They offer two fit choices; one is regular, and the other is a loose country fit. I choose the regular because I need a little structure in an otherwise very relaxed space. I like the piping details along the arms; I feel like it gives the sofa a higher end look. Most people are surprised to find out it's the Ektrop from Ikea. 



The covers were ready to put on the sofa right out of the box, as soon as I opened the package I smiled. I could tell the quality was top notch. They went on the frames effortlessly and immediately looked polished and expensive. I assumed they were ironed before they were shipped out. When I put the Ikea brand covers on the sofa, I usually hear a little tear from too much pulling so I was worried that I would have the same issues with these covers. Thankfully the cushions went on like a breeze. Wrestling pillows after I've wrestled my daughter to get her clothes on is not my idea of a fun morning. As soon as they were on, I knew I made the right decision splurging on the covers. I did have a few moments of hesitation with the claim that the fabric is "stain protected" so for the first week I babied them. After the first week, Kendall did a chocolate face dive on the chair, and I gasped. I thought for sure it was ruined. I grabbed a cloth, and to my absolute delight the smudged chocolate wiped off. 


I held off washing as long as I possibly could, it's like when you find the perfect sweater that fits just right everywhere and you know once you wash it, it will never be the same. I was confident the covers would shrink or wrinkle. After about a month and a half of summer sweat, sand, popsicles, and smoothies It had to happen. I started off with the stained footstool and one chair cover. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that all the stains came out. I held my breath as I put the cover back on the frame just knowing it was going to be shorter. BUT it wasn't!! It was the same length, Hooray!! My next fear was wrinkling; I honestly thought the company sent them ironed, but again to my surprise once they were completely dry they didn't wrinkle at all. They looked just as good after I washed them as they did the day I took them out of the box. I usually put the covers back on slightly damp.


I hope this helps you with your decisions, be sure to let me know if you have any specific questions.

Thank you for reading!

- Megan xoxo