On the Move - Part 2

When I watch shows about moving or renovating, and I see a family looking for personal connections or disconnections to a property I always form the same opinion. Don't do it; a house is just a house until you make it a home.  Well, today I did just that, I made a connection with a home based on pictures I saw online. How stupid was that?! Obviously, I was setting myself up to be disappointed. 

On Sunday night I grabbed my computer so that I could fix that horrible blog entry. As I was signing into Squarespace a listing that I was thinking about popped up,  not only did it pop up but the picture of the kitchen popped up. I immediately noticed something that hadn't caught my attention the first few times I pondered the listing. Right there in the kitchen below the window over the sink, I noticed my Grammas dishes. If you've been a follower of my social media accounts then you know I've been searching for the same pattern for the last 9 years. I desperately want to complete that set.  I was already missing my Gramma on Sunday and this all seemed to hit me as THIS IS PERFECT! This is the house; there's some reason all this is connecting. We viewed that property today; it's currently being occupied by tenants who were there to greet us. As soon as I walked in I wanted to cry, the dishes weren't there, and the online photos I had been dreaming about were taken years ago.  We are working with a team of agents one of them noticed right away I got quiet. It was all I could do to keep my tears back.  

We headed to another house down the street, another reno, that one didn't fit the bill either. The property and area were gorgeous, but the house was in desperate need of a lot of repairs, ones we can't afford. 

The third and final house of the day was in the opposite direction of where we've been searching. The house was perfect, everything we wanted it to be, full of charm, big pine floors, huge windows, BUT the location was right at the corner of a busy street, and quite close to the road. Lucky for us this house was on 10th line and right down the street is Andrew Scenic Acres Farm. We picked up some delicious summer berries and a few baked goods.  Although the search was unsuccessful, I feel like we are getting a tad closer to finding our new home. The scenic trip and natures treats were a beautiful reminder to live in the moment and enjoy the journey!


Thank you for reading, have a lovely day.

- Megan xoxo