On the move

Hey guys, so I've been getting a lot of questions, messages and emails about when our house is going to be up for sale. I'm sorry to tell you that it will not be for sale because it is not ours.

Most of you know that we've been renting this house,  it was only supposed to be for a year and by the time we leave we will have been here for 4.  The backstory is that Anthony and I bought our first house when we were 21 In 2017 and as you all know that was when the interest rates were high. We bought our first home and got married. We were spending a lot each month, on mortgage payments and to pay off our wedding. The market in Milton started to increase, and our house went up by quite a bit. We decided to sell Sellers Path and bought another new build on Duncan Lane in 2009. We had a fixed mortgage so when we moved and broke the terms of our mortgage we had to do a blended rate. It was better than the rate we currently had, but it still wasn't that great, so it resulted in high mortgage payments with most of the payment going to interest. Anthony got laid off about five months after we moved into Duncan and we just had Morgan. After being laid off for nine months, Anthony decided to start his own business. The first year when we filed Anthony's taxes, we had a zero balance. We were in a good place.  Then after the second year of filing, we ended up owing 37,000 to the cra. We were not expecting it because the previous year he had owed nothing. It was our first time owning a business, and we were still really young. We just had no idea!! The third year filing it was the same, over $30,000. This was in 2013, so Kendall was a newborn, and we decided that it would be the best thing for us if we sold our house because it had gone up in value over the three years that we were there. The house sold quickly, and we were on the fence about whether or not we wanted to stay in Milton. We decided that it would be the smartest thing financially for us, to just rent for a year. Then you get comfortable, and your kids get older. Your kids are comfortable, and they like where they're living, and you love the school, so it's easy just to stay where you are! We had planned to renew our lease for another year because we are comfortable. We have the best landlords so for us it was just an easy decision.  When we spoke with our landlord, we realized that renewing wasn't an option. They are taking the house back because they have family who would like to live here. So that brings us to house hunting. We know for sure that we don't want to stay in Milton and we know for sure that we need somewhere that has more property so that we can work more efficiently. At first, we were looking in Erin, and then that search switched to the Carlisle Kilbride area. What seemed like the perfect listing fell into my inbox this week, so I took the kids, and we went to view the property.  We did FaceTime with Anthony because he was working in New York. We all thought that this was going to be the perfect house for us.  The kids were even claiming bedrooms. Anthony came home on Friday and we booked an appointment to look at this house again on the weekend fully prepared to put in an offer. On Saturday morning we decided that this wasn't the right house for us. Although it had almost everything we loved it was at the top of our budget, we wouldn't be able to do any of the cosmetic fixes that we were hoping to do. I wouldn't be able to have the chickens and goats that I've been dreaming about for the last four years. While it did have a big enough garage for a workspace, that's all there was room for. There wouldn't be any room for storage it would just be strictly workspace.  I felt sad taking this off the list because I was could picture our family living there. We decided that it's better for us to be comfortable with our monthly payments instead of being at our maximum every month. We know what that is like,  we've been there and we never want to be there again! We never want to worry about money the way we had before we moved to Cedric. The hard thing about being self-employed is that your income is never guaranteed. That's scary because what we can afford this year we might not be able to afford two years from now, so we're trying just to keep ourselves on the edge of caution so that there are no major preventable finical hiccups in our life again. 


Thank you for reading and for your sweet words of encouragement. We appreciate all the support you've shown us. 


- Megan xoxo